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Squaring Off with Icebergs with Operation IceBridge

Squaring Off with Icebergs with Operation IceBridge


From onboard a NASA research plane, Operation IceBridge
is flying survey flights over Antarctica, studying how the frozen continent is

The average Antarctic flight is 11-12 hours
long; with all that time in the air, the science team sees some striking and
interesting views, including two rectangular-looking icebergs off Antarctica’s
Larsen C ice shelf.

They’re both tabular icebergs, which are relatively
common in the Antarctic. They form by breaking off ice shelves – when they are
“fresh,” they have flat tops and angular lines and edges because they haven’t
been rounded or broken by wind and waves.

Operation IceBridge is one part of NASA’s exploration of
the cryosphere – Earth’s icy reaches. Follow along as we explore the frozen
regions of our home planet.

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