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SpaceX says Starship explosion was deliberate

It has been reported that the prototype of the super-heavy Starship spacecraft was destroyed by SpaceX specialists’ command just minutes after takeoff.

This was reported on the company’s website.

Technical problems were cited as the reason, with some power units of the spacecraft failing after launch.

“Several engines failed during the test flight, causing a loss of altitude and rotation. A command was given to terminate [the test],” the message said.

It is emphasized that the experimental Starship prototype launch site at Boca Chica, Texas, was completely cleared beforehand, and the surrounding area was closed.

After 2.5 minutes of flight, at an altitude of 38 kilometers, the super-heavy launch vehicle with the spacecraft on board began to rotate uncontrollably.

Just 1.5 minutes later, the spacecraft was destroyed by SpaceX specialists’ command.

It was previously emphasized that the success of this test launch would depend on the rocket’s ability to take off.

As reported, a repeat test launch of Starship could take place in several months.

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