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SpaceNews: US will increase funding for tracking programs for Russian satellites

The US Space Force is supporting a number of programs aimed at tracking the behavior of Russian and Chinese satellites that could threaten American spacecraft, according to SpaceNews.

Lieutenant General Philip Garrent explained that the American side aims to provide “a global capability to accurately identify an enemy who is conducting orbital attacks” and is increasing the funding of the relevant ground and space systems.

Specifically, the budget request for the 2024 fiscal year includes $584 million for programs to track objects in near-Earth orbit, which is $100 million more than in 2023. The corresponding program plans to provide ground radars, optical telescopes, and observational satellites, as well as a number of initiatives from private companies.

Most of the expenses are directed towards awareness programs on the geostationary orbit, where the largest and most expensive American military satellites are located. In particular, the Advanced Radar Capability Deep Space (DARC) program is planning to create a network of radars that will be scattered across three points around the world. Additionally, the American side will continue to finance the modernization of the Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System (GEODSS), which is the optical telescope system.

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