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Space Out with NASA: Wonders of the Universe

Space Out with NASA: Wonders of the Universe


Hello again👋

Welcome back to week number FIVE of Mindful Monday. It’s our FINAL week and we are here for a last little slice of quiet time🧘

We are back with some meditative space in space. Where else? This week, we delight in the wonders of the universe observed by the Hubble Space Telescope as you turn on, tune in, and space out to relaxing music and stunning ultra-high-definition visuals of our cosmic neighborhood 🌌

Mysterious and magical, and it’s here for you. You can even watch even more Space Out episodes on NASA+, a new no-cost, ad-free streaming service.

Why not give it a try? Because just a few minutes this Monday morning can make all the difference to your entire week, as @nasa helps to bring mindfulness from the stars and straight to you. 

🧘WATCH: Space Out with NASA: Wonders of the Universe. 12/25 at 1pm EST🧘

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