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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Learn more about the speed and final mission for Cassini, citizen science on Jupiter and more!

1. Cassini’s Two Speeds


Our Cassini spacecraft is blazingly fast. How fast? Well, that’s all relative. Learn about the need for speed in space navigation.

2. Daphnis, the Wavemaker


The wavemaker moon, Daphnis, is featured in this view, taken as our Cassini spacecraft made one of its ring-grazing passes over the outer edges of Saturn’s rings on earlier this month. This is the closest view of the small moon obtained to date.

3. Cassini’s Grand Finale


The European Space Agency’s tracking antennas at New Norcia, Western Australia, and Malargüe, Argentina, are helping with crucial observations during Cassini’s last months in orbit, dubbed the ‘Grand Finale.’

4. Citizen Science—in Space


This image of a crescent Jupiter and the iconic Great Red Spot was created by a citizen scientist Roman Tkachenko using data from Juno spacecraft’s onboard camera. The images also bear witness a series of storms shaped like white ovals, known informally as the “string of pearls.” 

5. 360 video: Rover Ride-Along in the Mars Yard


Get a robot’s-eye-view of the “Mars Yard,” a terrain simulation area at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where rover hardware and software are tested before being sent to the Red Planet. Ride alongside, atop and below the Scarecrow test mobility double for the Curiosity and Mars 2020 rovers.

Watch the video:
Learn more about Scarecrow:

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