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Our Favorite Valentines Throughout the Universe

Our Favorite Valentines Throughout the Universe

Today is Valentine’s Day. What better way to express that
you love someone than with an intergalactic love gram? Check out some of our
favorites and send them to all of your cosmic companions:

Your love is galactic


The Hubble Space Telescope revolutionized nearly all areas
of astronomical research — and captured some truly lovely
images. Here, a pair of intersecting galaxies swirl into the shape of a rose as a
result of gravitational tidal pull. What type of roses are you getting for your
love — red or galactic?

I think you’re n{ice}


IceBridge is the largest airborne survey of Earth’s polar
ice ever flown. It captures 3-D views of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves
and sea ice. This lovely heart-shaped glacier feature was discovered in
northwest Greenland during an IceBridge flight in 2017. Which of your lover’s
features would you say are the coolest?

You’re absolutely


Even though we can’t see them, magnetic fields are all
around us. One of the solar system’s largest magnetospheres belongs to Jupiter.
Right now, our Juno spacecraft is providing scientists with their first
glimpses of this unseen force. Is your attraction to your loved one magnetic?

You’re MARS-velous


This heart-shaped feature on the Martian landscape was
captured by our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It was created by a small impact
crater that blew darker material on the surface away. What impact has your
loved one had on you?

I <3 you


From three billion miles away, Pluto sent a “love note” back
to Earth, via our New Horizons spacecraft. This stunning image of Pluto’s
“heart” shows one of the world’s most dominant features, estimated to
be 1,000 miles (1,600 km) across at its widest point. Will you pass this love
note on to someone special in your life?

Light of my life


Our Solar Dynamics Observatory keeps an eye on our closest star
that brings energy to you and your love. The observatory helps us understand
where the Sun’s energy comes from, how the inside of the Sun works, how energy
is stored and released in the Sun’s atmosphere and much more. Who would you say
is your ray of sunshine?

Do any of these cosmic phenomena remind you of someone in
your universe? Download these cards here to
send to all the stars in your sky.

Want something from the Red Planet to match your bouquet of
red roses? Here
is our collection of Martian Valentines.

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