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Jeff Williams: Record Breaker

Jeff Williams: Record Breaker

Astronaut becomes U.S. record holder for most


time in space!

Olympics are over, but Americans are STILL breaking records. NASA
astronaut Jeff Williams just broke Scott Kelly’s record of 520
cumulative days spent in space. When Williams returns to Earth on
Sept. 5, he will have racked up 534 days in space. To celebrate this
amazing achievement, here are some of the best images taken during his
four spaceflights.


STS-101 Atlantis:

During May
2000, Williams made his first spacewalk during space shuttle
Atlantis’ STS-101 mission. On this 10-day mission, Williams’ first
spacewalk lasted nearly seven hours. He is pictured here outside the space station.


Expedition 13:

experienced his first long-duration mission in 2006, when he served as
flight engineer for Expedition 13 space station mission. During his time in orbit, he
performed two spacewalks, saw the arrival of two space shuttle missions
and resumed construction of the orbiting laboratory during his six-month
tour. While on one of those spacewalks, Williams took this selfie.


Expedition 21/22:

returned to space for another six-month mission in 2009 as a flight
engineer on Expedition 21 and commander of Expedition 22. During that
time, he hosted the crews of two space shuttle missions. The U.S.-built
Tranquility module and cupola were installed on station. Here is an
image of the then newly installed cupola.


Expedition 47/48:

time around, Williams has been onboard the space station since March 2016, where
he served as flight engineer for Expedition 47 and now commands
Expedition 48. With over 7,000 retweets on Williams’ photo of an aurora
from space, his Twitter followers were clearly impressed with his
photography skills.

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