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Follow NASA’s Artemis I Moon Mission: Live Tracker, Latest Images, and Videos

Follow NASA’s Artemis I Moon Mission: Live Tracker, Latest Images, and Videos

Follow NASA’s Artemis I Moon Mission: Live Tracker, Latest Images, and Videos

On Nov. 16, 2022, the Artemis I mission officially began with the launch of the Orion spacecraft atop the Space Launch System rocket. The rocket and spacecraft lifted off from historic Launch Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Now, the Orion spacecraft is about halfway through its journey around the Moon. Although the spacecraft is uncrewed, the Artemis I mission prepares us for future missions with astronauts, starting with Artemis II.

Stay up-to-date with the mission with the latest full-resolution images, mission updates, on-demand and live video.

A cross-section of the white, cylindrical Orion spacecraft dominates the left side of the screen. A rectangular solar array snaked with multicolored wires extends up and out to 2 o'clock, and four bell-shaped auxiliary thrusters point down from the body of the spacecraft. The small crescent Moon is isolated in the black of space in the distance beyond and below the solar array. Credit: NASAALT


  • Find full-resolution images from the Orion spacecraft as they are released here.
  • Launch imagery can be found here. When Orion splashes down in the Pacific Ocean on Dec. 11, the images will be available here, as well!


  • This playlist contains informational videos, as well as upcoming and past live events, about Artemis I.
  • You can watch a livestream of the Artemis I mission here. (Just a note: the livestream may cut off during moments when the Orion team needs higher bandwidth for activities.)
  • Keep yourself updated on the upcoming broadcasts of Artemis milestones with the NASA TV schedule.
An animation shows the Orion spacecraft flying in space with the Moon in the far distance in the left side of the image. The text on the image reads:
Mission Time: 9 days, 7 hrs, 56 min
Orion is 233,784 miles from Earth, 57,639 miles from the Moon, cruising at 2,420 miles per hour.
P: (40690, -207007, -109608)
V: (2411, -52, -200)
O: 285º, 143.7º, 134.4ºALT


  • Our Artemis I Tracker uses live telemetry data streamed directly from Mission Control Center in Houston to show Orion position, attitude, solar array positions, and thruster firings throughout the mission.
  • “Eyes on the Solar System” shows Orion’s position along the Artemis I trajectory and in relation to other NASA spacecraft and objects in the solar system.
  • “DSN Now” shows which antenna on Earth’s Deep Space Network is communicating with Orion.


  • Read up on where Orion is and what’s next in the Artemis I mission with the Mission Blog.

Thank you so much for following with us on this historic mission. Go Artemis!

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