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Everyone (Even You!) Can Use Satellite Data

Everyone (Even You!) Can Use Satellite Data

NASA we’re pretty great at putting satellites and science instruments into orbit
around Earth. But it turns out we’re also pretty great at showing people how
to get and use all that data.

of the top ways you can learn how to use NASA data is our ARSET program. ARSET
is our Applied Remote
Sensing Training program and it helps people build skills that integrate all
these Earth science data into their decision making.


ARSET will
train you on how to use data from a variety of Earth-observing satellites and instruments
aboard the International Space Station.

Once you take a
training, you’ll be in GREAT company because thousands of people have taken an
ARSET training.


We hold in
person and online trainings to people around the world, showing them how to use
NASA Earth science data. Trainings are offered in air quality, climate,
disaster, health, land, water resources and wildfire management.

For example, if
you’re trying to track how much fresh drinking water there is in your watershed,
you can take an ARSET training and learn how to find satellite data
on how much precipitation 
has fallen over a certain time period
or even things like the ‘moistness’ of soil and the quality of
the water.


Best yet, all
NASA Earth observing data is open and freely available to the whole world!
That’s likely one of the reasons we’ve had participants from 172 of the
approximately 190 countries on Earth.


Since its
beginning 10 years ago, ARSET has trained more than 30 thousand people all over
the world. They’ve also worked with people from more than 7,500 different
organizations and that includes government agencies, non-profit groups,
advocacy organizations, private industry.

And even though 2019 is ARSET’s 10th birthday
– we’ve only just begun. Every year about 60% of the organizations and agencies
we train are new to the program. We’re
training just about anyone who is anyone doing Earth science on Earth! 

Join us, learn
more about how we train people to use Earth observing data here, and heck, you
can even take a training yourself:

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