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Can You #SpotHubble?

Can You #SpotHubble?

Hey Tumblr! We’re Inviting You to #SpotHubble


Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has sent back mind-blowing images that not only changed our understanding of our universe, but also changed where we see our universe.


Hubble is more than a science instrument; it’s a cultural phenomenon! Take a moment to think about where you’ve seen the Hubble Space Telescope or Hubble images in your daily life. 


Maybe you walk by a mural inspired by Hubble images everyday on your way to work. 


Perhaps you’ve even created art based on Hubble images.


We want to see the Hubble impact in your life! Share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. If a #SpotHubble image catches our eye, we may share your post on our NASA Hubble social media accounts.


Here’s how to #SpotHubble!

There are four social media platforms that you can use to submit your work:

  1. Flickr: Submit your photos to the Spot Hubble Flickr Group

  2. Instagram:
    Use the Instagram app to upload your photo, and in the description include #SpotHubble and #NASAGoddard

  3. Twitter:
    Share your image on Twitter and include #SpotHubble in the tweet

  4. Facebook: Share your image on Facebook and include #SpotHubble in the post

Please note, submissions are subject to certain terms and conditions.

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