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Black Hole Friday Deals!

Black Hole Friday Deals!

Black Hole Friday Deals!

Ad-style comic titled “Black Hole Friday Sales.” Middle of the page “Out-of-this-world deals!” Scattered throughout are illustrated “coupons.” From top to bottom, the taglines read: “Free travel guide to planning your next black hole vacation (when you purchase a cosmic timeshare)”; “Add some planets to your system with this exoplanet bundle!”; “Accretion disk skirt: Be the center of attention. Made of 100% recycled material”; “Standard candles: Reliably bright. Non-scented. Long-lasting burn”; Stephan’s Quintet: A 5-for-1 galactic deal”; “Black hole merger: Get ready to ride this (gravitational) wave before this deal ends”; “Widow system: Act quickly before these stars disappear!”; “Black holes: the perfect (permanent) storage solution”; “Spaghettify! Noodles: Feed the black hole of your stomach”; and “Ready Space Player One. Limited time offer: Roman Space Observer Black Hole DLC! This weekend only!” At the bottom “Get these deals before they disappear beyond the point of no return."ALT

Get these deals before they are sucked into a black hole and gone forever! This “Black Hole Friday,” we have some cosmic savings that are sure to be out of this world.

  • Your classic black holes — the ultimate storage solution.
  • Galactic 5-for-1 special! Learn more about Stephan’s Quintet.
  • Limited-time offer game DLC! Try your hand at the Roman Space Observer Video Game, Black Hole edition, available this weekend only.
  • Standard candles: Exploding stars that are reliably bright. Multi-functional — can be used to measure distances in space!
  • Feed the black hole in your stomach. Spaghettification’s on the menu.
  • Act quickly before the stars in this widow system are gone!
  • Add some planets to your solar system! Grab our Exoplanet Bundle.
  • Get ready to ride this (gravitational) wave before this Black Hole Merger ends!
  • Be the center of attention in this stylish accretion disk skirt. Made of 100% recycled cosmic material.
  • Should you ever travel to a black hole? No. But if you do, here’s a free guide to make your trip as safe* as possible. *Note: black holes are never safe. 

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