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ISS live

ISS online webcam broadcast in real time from orbit. NASA management broadcasts live video on the INTERNET online from the International Space Station (ISS), alas, but you can look at the earth online from space only when the astronauts are either resting or sleeping.

And at other times, these transmitters are needed for work. But nevertheless, seize the moment to watch the earth online from space. When the crew of the International Space Station is resting, users of the global Internet can watch the planet Earth online and the starry sky through the eyes of astronauts – from a height of 350 km above the planet.

The rest of the time, a screensaver is shown that shows the current position of the station, as well as NASA news about events in space.

ISS camera

The first camera from the ISS:

The second camera from the ISS:

And here you can find out: the current position of the ISS on the world map. In addition, you have the opportunity to watch the NASA TV channel. Remember that the broadcast is only available when the station is in touch with the Earth. During the so-called “dead zone”, when contact is broken, viewers can see the broadcast from the Mission Control Center, recordings of NASA transmissions, or just a stub.